After fully exchanging a fire blast together with her cousin, Azula ran out-of on a tomb designed such as a beneficial Lion Turtle

After fully exchanging a fire blast together with her cousin, Azula ran out-of on a tomb designed such as a beneficial Lion Turtle

When Zuko adopted their into the, Azula explained which they have been throughout the tomb of one’s basic Flame Lord’s most trusted agent. Since the Zuko pointed out that she appeared more stable, Azula all of a sudden assaulted him. New short term Agni Kai concluded with Azula pinning Zuko towards the floor and elevating a flame-dagger more their face, saying this was the way it had always been among them. Zuko defiantly replied you to definitely regardless of if Azula murdered your, she’d never become Fire Lord and this she is always to accept you to definitely reality. So you can their shock, Azula released your and you will asserted that she hadn’t simply acknowledged they but adopted they. She revealed that the fresh voices in her own lead got avoided once she realized her own true future: it wasn’t being Flames Lord herself however, so you’re able to figure Zuko to the a very ruthless commander who ruled through energy and anxiety. No matter if Zuko explains one she’s got destroyed since every the newest kidnapped students was rescued, Azula countered one to she got won, claiming you to definitely, over the past twenty-four hours, she got revealed how ruthless and authoritarian he is. Ahead of she would-be apprehended, she vanished for the smoke whenever you are commanding Zuko to just accept what she produced from him.


Since Zuko treated their victims, Azula along with her comrades, all of the however masquerading due to the fact Kemurikage, noticed their address from your local roof. Hearing Zuko require his citizens’ understanding and you may perseverance as he searched for an approach to getting a much better chief, Azula beamed and you can sneered “Exactly how pressing” so you can by herself. Getting their mask and hood back toward, she along with her cohorts disappeared once again. [36]


Born a princess and acclaimed due to the fact a beneficial prodigy, Azula was raised to-be narcissistic and you can sure. She relentlessly drilled herself for the perfection and settled to own nothing shorter regarding by herself or individuals who offered the woman. [19] She believed that power and you can domination have been new determining traits of stamina, and as such, would simply assist anybody else if she think there is certainly specific private acquire on the line. She got absolute count on in her “divine to laws”, that she experienced she was given birth to. [7] She harbored none embarrassment nor mercy for these she noted since the treasonous or substandard. Overall who wished absolutely nothing below pure handle, she additionally had superior control over herself, relatively in a position to answer any situation from the an excellent moment’s see rather than dropping the woman composure.

Azula is actually marked by kostenlose Gamer-Dating-Seiten the a distinct insufficient sympathy. Even while children, she answered having hostility when defeated, a trait clearly showed whenever she shoved Ty Lee on soil following lady bested the girl in the gymnastics. [13] That it conclusion would define the girl relationship with her family for the majority decades. Rather then looking after her or him, she’d manipulate them as the she saw complement, including when she unnerved Ty Lee toward leaving the brand new circus and you will joining her lead to. [14]

She is likely to saying by herself along with her authority into the a good grandiose method, including whenever she humiliated Much time Feng in front of his previous henchmen [7] or when she threatened the latest captain of their motorboat. [19] She as well as showed an incredible importance of really love, mostly of her father, who she emulated so you’re able to a beneficial knowledge, and you will of every person to the lady, even in the event to a lower life expectancy the amount. She reacted that have depression and you will rage whenever she read their dad was going to the earth Empire as opposed to the woman. [10] But not, Azula exhibited a quantity of concern with him, as with the brand new novelization, Azula notes that not actually she might take your in a good endeavor.

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